Eden’s Mission aims to analyse individuals’ body needs and challenges  in order to provide tailored health plans and treatments. Our Functional Medicine, certified Health Counsellors, help you make behaviour and lifestyle changes so that you can live your best life. 

We use various screening methods such as questionnaires, live blood analysis, BodySonic MRA scanning equipment, Live Blood Analysis and Diacom NLS,  a registered medical device to assess specific symptoms, ailments and or diseasses.  In some cases, pathology tests may also be required.

The objective of our recommendations is not only to alleviate symptoms but also to identify and address the underlying causes of health issues. We emphasize the use of lifestyle and nutritional changes, as well as natural medicines and herbs, to support the body’s innate healing capacity and promote holistic well-being.

We provide supplement and remedy suggestions that are natural and non-invasive. However, we  also acknowledge the importance of detoxification and elimination of toxins and invasive pathogens for the body to function properly.

The mentioned treatments for certain ailments involve using either the Bioresonance or Rife device to enhance performance. Bioresonance therapy and Rife therapy are alternative treatment approaches that utilize electromagnetic frequencies. These therapies  help with specific health issues, including difficult-to-eradicate viruses, parasites, bacterial infections, digestive problems, and autoimmune conditions.